34: Loving Kindness

loving kindnessThere seem to be one or two people in my life that are there for a lesson. The lesson is to see the waste of energy that I keep putting into recycling the same stories about them over and over again. Knowing the lesson and doing something about it are two different things. To learn our lessons in life we must first be made aware of our habitual patterns then we must see a  reason to change. After that we must practice.

The practice of loving kindness teaches us to love our enemies. By enemies I don’t mean someone evil but just someone in our life that we prefer to label as bad, at fault or in the wrong. Usually we have one or two at any time in our life. Normal behaviour is to reinforce our belief about that person by comment, gossip or to fill the file on their wrongdoings by constantly adding to it. Soon we have a dossier on that person so big even we are unable to lift it. However if we graze below what is written in the file we will see that is it usually only one or two things that we don’t approve of that we keep recycling.

When we become consumed by one person and their actions we give our energy towards that feeling in a negative way. When we misdirect our precious energy we won’t have enough energy to use in a positive creative way. The consumption will overpower us and make us weaker.

If we want to use our energy more wisely and to our own benefit we must learn to loosen the bonds that tie us to this recycling of past. When we learn to say enough, I no longer wish to be consumed by this negativity towards someone we create a space in our life for more positive experiences to creep in.

Practice for today: What is one person you put down to make yourself feel good? Who is someone you constantly criticise and complain about to others? How would it be today if you practiced the art of loving kindness towards that person and ultimately towards yourself?

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