33: Lightning bolt of Trust

vajrapradmaThere is a mudra in yoga called Vajrapradma where you interlock your fingers and place your hands over your chest. It is the symbol of trust. Vajra means thunderbolt and in Buddhism the thunderbolt is a weapon against doubt, one that chases away mistrust.

Trust is an innate feeling that everything is going to work out alright, that the people around you won’t betray you and that you are exactly where you are meant to be in this world, right now. Of course life doesn’t always feel like it should be trusted. People let us down, we may feel lost or confused or not in the right place and sometimes it seems that we are heading exactly in the wrong direction. It seems easy to trust when your partner is there for you and life is happy, but what about when it’s not all sunshine and roses? Then how are you? Maybe you struggle with life? Maybe you fight to change who or what your are?

The symbolism of the interlaced fingers is a web. The web signifies our connection to everything around us. This helps us remember our connection to the universe and its grand plan for us. When we look at life as being part of a greater whole then we can start to see that everything that happens for us has a reason that we may not be able to see right now.

Practicing yoga helps us build confidence in ourselves. It helps to teach us to rely on ourselves to trust our bodies, our breath and our relationships. When we learn this trust we can learn to chase away insecurities. When we feel stronger and have more faith when life tips us upside down we don’t lose trust anymore, we just wait and see what happens.

Practice for today: If you don’t trust others or your life you can’t trust yourself. Examine the things or people in your life that you no longer trust. Today be bold and confident, go out into the world with an open trustful heart. When you do this all mistrust will melt away.

One Comment on “33: Lightning bolt of Trust

  1. Just so you know… I shares this in class this morning after reading it… they kept the trust within and was confident enough to do headstands. =)
    Thank you, Gabrielle. xo

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