30: Attachment and Rejection

suffering 2‘We perceive as good that which brings pleasure; we perceive as bad that which brings pain”— Reverend Jaganath Carrera,

On our way down liberation highway there are a couple more distractions or obstacles that we will face. Dvesha or rejection and Raga or attachment. Both of these states are controlled by our ego. The ego is the part of us that wants things to be a certain way, according to how life should be. The ego states I am the centre of the world and I want this and I don’t want that.

We spend most of our life in this very subtle struggle of pushing away what we don’t want and trying to attract what we like into our life. What we don’t like or want we react to, comment on, try to hide, or run from. We do our best to avoid circumstances, people, yoga classes, poses we don’t want in our life. We do everything in our power to sit in the sweet sugar of what we like, what we are attracted to. We surround ourselves by people we like, the food, the tv, the comforts and congratulate ourselves when we get what we want. We may even say to ourselves, I am now happy.

When we hit a road block in our life, a problem, something we don’t like we suffer. We suffer because we say this is bad, then we suffer more trying to get rid of it. Like an itch that can’t be scratched we suddenly feel unhappy. We are unhappy because we get a terse email, unhappy because we don’t like what we have to eat, unhappy because we didn’t sleep well, unhappy because our partner said something we don’t like, unhappy because we lost,  and we are especially unhappy when something we like is taken away from us. This could be some freedom, a person, a job, or we become injured and we can’t practice yoga.

To help break this never ending cycle of wanting and rejecting we need to remind ourselves of these two things

Getting what you want or pushing away what you don’t want is a temporary solution to creating happiness.

Being aware of your desires or rejections and accepting them as part of life is a way ease your internal wars.

Practice for today: Catch yourself today pushing or pulling, judging good or bad, running away from or running to something. Accept that is is part of life and you may not free yourself from them but can you live in peaceful co-existence with them as part of your life rather than being a victim to the whims of your desire.

One Comment on “30: Attachment and Rejection

  1. Friggin’ attachment… I’ve clipped my claws from being a koala. It grows from time to time… but I’ve got this strong emery board to file them away…

    I’m being silly… but you know what I mean… =)

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