28: Putting it Out

buddha 7Yesterday I received news from a friend who was having a difficult time. We all want to help in times like this but usually while someone’s personal storm is brewing the best thing we can do is give life line support, quietly, softly and with grace.

There have been many studies done on prayer groups and how the power of positive thoughts can heal a particular person. There have been cases of healing in hospitals which can only be explained by the power of the blessings sent to one person either from across the world or across the corridor. All thought is energy, all energy gets transferred in one form or another.

Buddha was once asked what is the most important moment in practice? He replied’ the moment you get up’. When we finish our yoga or meditation we must harness the goodness we have uncovered into a radical presence in the world. Life is not in the way of our practice, but life is the way.

Here is a technique to put it out there to those in need from Sarah Powers.

Imagine a person seated in front of you.

As you breathe in and out imagine your are doing so together

On the inhale emphasize with their pain and recite ‘I feel how difficult this is for you’

On the exhale say ‘May you feel my support’

After a number of breaths you can imagine you are joined by thousands and you can recite ‘may you all feel supported and find relief from your suffering’

There is no point doing yoga, meditation, spiritual practice if you keep the jewels for yourself and not share them around. There is no corner of your life that needs to be excluded from this beautiful awareness you create, and there is no part of your awareness that need not be shared.

Practice for today: Put your love for what you do out there today. Whatever your practice how can you share the benefits with those in need?

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