25: Keep on Trucking My Friend

caterpillarDear Friend

I’m sorry about the situation you find yourself in right now. That giant curve ball the universe threw at you just when you were staring happiness in the face. You said you never saw it coming, like anything that we worry about, the big problems are the ones that never cross our mind. It’s not your fault you didn’t see it coming, you are not to blame for life happening, you have not created this situation so please don’t blame yourself or look for reasons. There is nothing to analyse here, not now. Sometimes there are no reasons, this is not karma. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. This is life.

Do you remember all those hours of practice trying to do handstands, the seemingly impossible? I watched your practice in photos, always trying with so much joy to accomplish your task. Well this is your new practice now. Your practice is to keep going and not look back. Don’t look back or forward just look to what you have now. An impossible situation that you can contain into this present moment. Keep making that licorice tea and planting your seeds in the garden, just live your life, keep doing those crazy handstands and you will remember your strength that is still there even though it seems to have left you for now.

People will disappoint you and let you down all your life. There is nothing more certain than that. But those are the times you must remember to trust your own judgments and opinions, even more than those you take counsel from. There will be daily challenges and changes to make now, keep yourself headed in the right direction each moment, it won’t always be easy but keep reminding yourself that you are now developing into the person you were destined to always be, fearless and loving.

Keep doing the handstands

When you drop one drop of water into the ocean, that drop becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes that one drop. You are part of everything my friend and everything is part of you. You can’t see from where you sit now how important this part of your own journey is, and you can’t see what this will bring you. Remember to keep believing in yourself and believing in your connection to something greater and wiser, something that will help you remember that these challenges and frustrations are taking you closer to your true dreams.

Practice for today: We are like the ocean every drop in it is part of the whole. We can’t edit out the bits we don’t want or walk away from our challenges. If you are experiencing difficulties in your life, accept that they have knocked on your door and remind yourself that they are here for a reason which you can’t see right now in the middle of your tidal wave. Be strong, keep practicing, keep doing what you are doing, don’t give up. A miracle is waiting quietly for you. x




One Comment on “25: Keep on Trucking My Friend

  1. Thank you, my beautiful friend, for your honesty and big heart. Indeed sometimes we have to have a breakdown before we have a breakthrough! Keep shinning like the beautiful soul you are and I’ll do the same! xxx

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