26: A true Yogi

what yoga has taught meIf you stare at a contortionist doing yoga or maybe peek at the yoga world championships or even catch a glimpse of an impossible pose you might have some feelings arise in you. You might think, I aspire to do that or may feel like you shouldn’t be doing yoga because it all seems so impossible and you might become despondent. Sri P Jois would say ‘that is not yoga. That is only bending. Yoga is self knowledge’. So keep those pictures on hand but remember the true lessons yoga can teach you.

As we push through our physical limits of a pose and go to places we have never been in our body or have a breakthrough we will learn that our true power is only limited by our mind and anything is achievable.

If we have an emotional flood during a class we will learn that yoga is a journey to our centre, our soul, and the real yogi is brave and courageous, a person who looks at all of this and doesn’t turn their back on themselves.

As we start to remove what is physically stuck in our body, as we start to sweep our body clean of the debri,  we will learn that all our of emotion, reaction, habitual patterns, prejudice, doubt, injuries, insults and core beliefs are not needed so much anymore.

As we focus and balance and become more determined we will learn that we can accomplish any task we put forward.You learn not to cave in at a moment’s notice and retreat in adversity. You become a force to reckon with.

As we become clearer in our thought we will learn to trust ourselves more. We start to believe in our own internal integrity.

As you start to open your heart to the possibilities of where this journey can take you and you give yourself wholeheartedly and open yourself to the process, you will learn to love again. 

Practice for today: Today light your path well, take each step towards where you want to go, be brave and courageous, and open yourself up to your love, your strength, your abilities. A true yogi is not someone who can perform advanced poses but someone who can look inside themselves and be ready to learn.

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