22: Let it be

Pg-17-meditation-gettyThe Beetles were one of the first famous groups to be on the yoga bandwagon. In 1968 after meeting the Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi they packed up and travelled to Rishikesh in India to learn the famous technique of Transcendental Meditation. The technique is mantra based.

During this time of meditation they were known to be the most productive.Not long after Paul McCartney wrote the song Let It Be, just before his departure from the band. If you wanted a mantra for daily living you could try ‘let it be’. Especially when you find yourself in times of trouble.

Here are some ways you can incorporate this mantra into your life.

If you arrive in a difficult situation, maybe you have to face a person that has been causing you trouble and you feel really emotional on some level. Allow yourself to feel those emotions in your body. Accept them as part of this experience. Let your emotions be felt. Let them be.

When you are struggling with a yoga pose that you can’t quite get sorted or a problem you can’t solve take out the struggle with the mantra Let it be, you will be ready when you are ready. Let it be helps you accept your situation as it is now.

If you become sick or can’t do your yoga practice or something unexpected in life is thrown at you, try not to waste too much energy directed at the whys and wherefores. This unwelcome guest is part of your whole guest house. Let it be part of what is happening now.

If you have an unsolvable problem in your life that you want to fix but can’t, like a scratch you can’t itch, try letting it be. Often problems disappear on their own.

When you don’t get what you want, let it be. Sometimes it is a stroke of luck anyway.

Practice for today: When you let things be you are not giving up but you are taking the struggle out of your life. You are moving your energy into accepting all that life has given you. If you want to be happy learn to let things be.

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