21: A New York Minute

butterfly poseSome days it is difficult to find time to do formal practice. Maybe we only have five minutes in our busy schedule. However practice is practice and doing something everyday no matter how small you think it is, is how we build up our spiritual muscles.

Here is a practice I learnt from Sarah Powers which you can divide into parts if you are short of time or follow the whole sequence through. If you are feeling energetic at the end of it, follow up with some sun salutations, if you are in need of rest do some seated postures.

First: Set your intention for your practice. ( 10 sec) Centering helps remind you of the value of what you are doing. It helps us remember the value of our practice so we don’t abandon it when we strike difficulty. Here is the one Powers uses.

I vow now to open awareness for the benefit of all beings

I appreciate its immeasurable value

I feel it is possible for me in this moment, regardless of conditions and inclusive of all circumstances.

Second: Yin pose butterfly is good as it sets up up for mediation (4 minutes). The picture shows a woman in butterfly you can have the heels close or away from the groin and you can sit up or bend over your legs.

Third: Mediation (12 minutes). I do simple breath awareness/mindfulness mediation. You watch the inhales and exhales or simply say to yourself as I am breathing in I am aware that I am breathing in, as I am breathing out I am aware that I am breathing out.

Fourth: Breathing practice (1-10 min). There are many types of pranayama exercises. If you are not sure I will post this in more detail tomorrow.

Practice for today: Set your intention for the day, that you will vow to stay with your practice whatever that is, in whatever circumstances it is presented to you. If you don’t have a formal practice start with step one, and when you are ready you can add the other elements.



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