20: The Benefits Of Mindfulness

mindfulnessMindfulness is an attitude that we can adopt into our daily life. Although it can be practiced formally it can also be experienced in everything that we do, say and think. Mindfulness practice doesn’t ask you to change who you are, instead it wants you to try to drop all your efforts to let go of trying to make the moment you are in anything other than that. Mindfulness practice is the practice of observation without change, judgment or manipulation.

With refined practice we can develop three distinct changes in ourselves.

1) Our fragmented habits of the mind start to dwindle.

Often referred to as the monkey mind with our thoughts jumping from branch to branch, mindfulness practice will help us develop a steadier mind that is more able to concentrate and not to be so distracted. This clarity of mind helps us understand ourselves and those around us more truthfully rather that attaching inference, story, assumptions and habitual thought patterns to the world around us.

2) Our negative and aggressive thoughts are often diluted.

If we practice mindfulness we will soon be able to diffuse negative emotions and thoughts. Instead of being carried away on our helpless rip- tide of emotions we will become more aware of the mind and its duplicitous attempts to trick us into seeing the world as a bad place.

3) We become more aware of our essential nature.

What we think we are and what we actually are are two different people. We think we are stressed, irritated, impatient, bad, but what we are in fact is pure, kind, gentle, loving. When we strip away the not so useful ways we tag ourselves we become more of who we actually are.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness, from formal mediation practice to just being aware of the way you are eating or a bird flying in the sky. To stop and see things as they really are without layering on your story is mindfulness practice.

Practice for today: Today see, feel, touch, listen, smell without story. Experience something for what it actually is, not what you think it is.Without trying to embellish or diminish your experience, remain still and mindful to your what is, experiencing your moment without a willful struggle to change any aspect of it.

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