19: 5 Ways to Live Like a Yogi

yoga sayingLiving a life like a yogi doesn’t mean you have to roll out the mat or sit on your cushion. You don’t need to go into a cave and wear a loin cloth, nor do you have to be flexible. Some of the greatest yogis I know wouldn’t even know what a yoga mat is.  Here are some guidelines to living like a yogi for today.

1) Get  up early and accomplish something that you have been putting off. Or just watch the sun rise. Watching the sun rise helps you remember that the world is a mysterious place with order and you are part of the symphony. Even marveling at something beautiful in nature is a great way to start your day. This is how we learn to appreciate life and all its inter-connectedness. This is how we can learn to appreciate just being alive. Did you ever consider the fact that you were alive today was a miracle in itself? A yogi thinks about connection, and appreciates life.

2) Nourish your body well in the morning with good food that suits your dosha. The food you eat gets digested and then becomes part of you. You become part of your food. When you choose your food also consider the amount of energy and work went in to creating that food. The amount of hands that have touched that food or the miles it has travelled or maybe the how the power of the sun created it. Has the food been made with love? A yogi makes wise choices for their body.

3) Spend some time in contemplation. We often rush through life not even considering where we are going. What is it that you want to achieve today and how can you do that? Set your intention for the day. When you do this your day will become clearer and have more meaning.

4) Be kind. Yoga practitioners’ first commandment is be kind. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others. The Dalai lama stated that his religion was kindness. It is possible to be kind all day everyday.

5) Look inwards. Yoga is the journey of the self to the self. The whole purpose is not to make you bend further but to use the poses and techniques to rid yourself of poisons that contaminate your inner life and bring you closer to your true benevolence. Knowing yourself is one of the greatest spiritual practices. In this practice  we learn to trust our own inner wisdom, stop blaming the world for our situation and ultimately dis-identify with our overriding negative thought patterns.

Practice for today: Be kind, nourish your body, adore nature, contemplate yourself and your connection to those around you.

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