10: Boat Pose

faithSometimes while teaching I will target the core with boat pose. This most dreaded but most often requested asana fires up our internal heat and brings attention to our strength within. Core work also serves as a gentle reminder that our seat of power is within us and our personal strength lies deep below the muscle we build.

We all have those days where we feel we are being pulled in a thousand different directions or the times where we are facing some hardships and struggle. These are the times where we may feel helpless, lost or weakened and that our world has shifted off centre, draining us of our essential power.

In yoga the world Sraddha means ‘faith’. It can also be translated as confidence, esteem or personal conviction. Sraddha can be the first thing to disappear when we are being tested. However if practiced it can become one of our greatest assets when life is throwing us curve balls.

Patanjali in his sutra 1.20 tells us that through cultivating self confidence and conviction we can maintain our inner strength and remember which direction we are heading in. What this means in retaining the deep faith within you that no matter how messy things are you know that a) they will get better b) everything is going to be ok. Sraddha is the faith that keeps you putting one foot in front of the other even if you feel like giving up. Sraddha is the resource that reminds you to connect to the deepest part of your core strength.

Practice for today: When we remember our internal strength, we remember to connect to the essential part of ourselves that never leaves us. If today you feel that you have lost your way remember to turn up the dial of your sraddha. When we step into our power like this we focus our energy more intelligently so we can achieve what we need to.



2 Comments on “10: Boat Pose

  1. Gah..!! Thank you for this awesome reminder. How strange we forget this! How odd I forget this!!
    You, Gabs, are like this neon post-it notes in my room. Kinda like that string I tied on my finger in my journey. I sooo bow to your light… xo

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