9: P for Practice

challenge 2There are many things we can adopt as a practice in this one sweet life. Doing yoga, being a good parent, remembering to be patient, eating well, playing the piano, taking up study, being kind to others. Whatever our practice is there are times that you will meet some roadblocks or you may feel the foundation of what you are doing slipping away. Sometimes as you realise the effort involved you may just want to give up wondering what the point is.

Patanjali gives us some guidelines as to how we can maintain and enjoy what it is we do in this world.

1) Fine tune your intention. Set your intention to not just look to the outcome or the success it is of what you are doing but to enjoy the process. Once we abandon the results and immerse ourselves in the present of what we are doing we will have a better attitude to our projects.

2) Commit to the process. What you want to achieve will not happen overnight or by dabbling here and there. You can’t lose weight by eating well on only one day a week. You have to commit yourself fully each day in some way without interruption or excuse. Good things do not appear overnight.

3) Believe in what you are doing. If you approach what you are doing with a lack of confidence you are setting yourself up for failure. Believe in your cause, believe in yourself.

4) Look forward to what you are doing. You must enjoy what you are doing on some level otherwise your attempts to stay with it will wane. Recognise that there will be moments of difficulty or you may be tired but there should also be joy and satisfaction and you should have an overall positive experience. How can your efforts serve you and also how can it serve those around you?

Practice for today: Decide what it is that you want to achieve and review the four points above. How can you weave your practice into your life with joy, faith, commitment while being fully connected to the process?


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