8: How to Know if your Spiritual Practice is Working

spirituality 2One of the core teachings of the yoga Sutra is to practice so you may come to a place where you are connected to your true identity. This is the place where we discover who we really are, the place without ego, judgment, labels or suffering. Knowing the Self or connecting to this greater divinity beyond your identity helps us deflect the obstacles of life that are hurled at us from time to time.

The results of your spiritual/yoga practice may show up when you least expect it. You may doubt the power of your practice, you may not see any change in yourself, you may feel that sometimes you can’t see any value in what you are doing and then like a thunderbolt you will be given your gift. The goal of yoga is to sit comfortably in your life while connecting to the great  inner stillness and peace within you. This internal compass connects you to a better place and gives you choice during the twists and turns.

Here are some signs you are doing OK on your path.

You stop taking things so personally. When someone attacks you you see that it is coming from them, from their own life and really has nothing to do with you. You are just the target of whatever is up with them.

Your mood remains more stable. You stop having the extremities of emotions as often. The deep lows and the alternate highs smooth out a little more. Your moods flat line into a more steady stream.

You don’t react as quickly to upsetting events. Instead you quietly observe what is happening as a stage show. You don’t absorb it or identify with it, neither do you edit it out. You just be with the situation.

You no longer want to gossip.

You surround yourself with good people.

You see yourself as the person who needs work rather than those around you.

You start to see the beauty and love in everything around you.

Practice for today: Keep practicing, whatever it is that connects you to that higher place, go there today.

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