5: 10 Top Yoga Teachers

teachers 2These are the people I fantasize about running away with. On my desert island I have avocado on toast and the following people. We sit and talk about everything that matters in life.

Judith Hanson Lasater: For her depth of knowledge in yoga and anatomy and her work on living your yoga off the mat. For her articulation on the Yamas and Niyamas

Seane Corne: I love how articulate she is, on everything.

Sally Kempton: For all her work on mindfulness meditation

Mathew Sandford: Reminds me there are no excuse to practice. He is paralysed from the chest down and practices every day.

Aadhil Prakhivala: I love the intelligence of his words and how they remind me about what is important in life. He is also very funny and seriously smart.

Sianna Sherman: For the way she weaves her words and talks about tantric yogic philosophy. Beautiful poetry in motion.

Stephen Cope: For his beautiful teachings of living your life’s dream, your dharma

Douglas Brooks:For insightful knowledge on Tantric philosophy

Rod Stryker: For his intelligent views on everything yoga including meditation, ayurveda and yoga asana

Gary Kraftsow: For his contribution to yoga and therapy through his Viniyoga centre.

Robert Svoboda: He’s a walking encyclopedia of all things yoga. His talks are well worth listening to.

Practice for today: Where do you get your inspiration from? Find someone or something today that inspires you to act. Find someone or something to help you take your next  step on your journey.





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