2: My 10 Favourite photo Quotes of this Year

Well readers only 2 more blogs to go! I can’t believe I actually got through. Mostly there were no problems as it became a way of life, a habit. I found that if I didn’t get  up early and train myself to do the blog before life fell on top of me I really struggled. There were a few times that I nearly gave up, those were the times I would turn to my family and they would wave their flags encouraging me to go on. Having an everyday discipline for a year is an interesting practice which I encourage you all to try. Instead of setting a new years resolution why don’t you set an intention to do one thing every day and see what happens. You could try one yoga pose or one kindness or gratitude practice. Maybe 5 minutes meditation. I am going to do a handstand everyday. Something that I’m terrible at but I’ll give it a go. As for the blogs I’m going to take a wee break but please watch this space as I’m sure it will morph into something else………

yoga quote 2 - Copy


love yourself



yin quote

kindess 6

fall seven times

thoughts 2 klesha

2 Comments on “2: My 10 Favourite photo Quotes of this Year

    • ah my lovely friend thank you for joining me on my journey over the last year. Your comments have been so thoughtful and welcome while I have been sitting here in my cyber world. Keep in touch and best wishes for 2014

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