1: The Wedding Farewell

wedding photo 1As you move through your one sweet life today and all the days gifted to you know this, you are loved, you are blessed and your life makes a difference. Everything that you touch and touches you is energy, you have the power to direct this energy and make it bigger and brighter.

Let the world and all it’s magic wash over you this Christmas.

May you wake up to your true potential and find what or who you love.

May you become more of who you are shining bigger than you thought possible especially when people around you need that light.

May you find peace and clarity within, especially when you want to abandon yourself.

May your world become a playground, a discovery, a journey, a mystery filled with abundance and laughter.

May you wake up to what is important and see clearly what you have in front of you now.

Namaste and Love xxxx Gabrielle

Ps two days ago I got married after 29 years with the same person


3 Comments on “1: The Wedding Farewell

  1. Tears to my eyes when reading this – surprise surprise:)
    Thank you for taking the time, and for all your effort and energy to post your blog everyday this year. Your insightfulness and elequent words always encouraged me to think outside my square. I have a strong feeling they will continue to.

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