Turning up the Bright

As we enter the new year there will be many resolutions made as to how to live our life better. Maybe we will give up something or take something up. The act of either suggesting that we are not quite perfect after all. Then as the year progresses we struggle with the promise we made ourselves and give up. We think ‘ not perfect, so I may as well stop now’. And then we carry on as we always did, because its a whole lot easier than to face our imperfections.
What if we had a different attitude to change and spiritual practice this year? What if instead of focusing on what we are missing or don’t have we turn to find within ourselves what we already have, what is good, what is available, what is bright? What if we made do with who we are and what we are and instead set our intention like a sail to the wind to dwell more often within this sunnier side of ourselves.
The purpose of a spiritual practice is to connect you to the part of yourself that is peaceful, joyful and light. We all have it.
Kahil Gibran says something like ‘if we wish to stop looking at the shadows we need to turn and face the sun’. We are all challenged from day to day with stress, anxiety worry or challenges. It is in these moments that we forget our resolutions and start to dwell more in our shadows. It is in these moments that we can bring out the worst version of ourselves. Our needs, desires, pettiness and demands.
This year is still new and bright like yourself. What would your year be like if your practiced being more connected to your bright side, seeing the gift in each moment, no matter how difficult, unwrapping each challenge like a present to slowly reveal the light within?

6 Comments on “Turning up the Bright

  1. Hey Gabs!!! Happy new beginnings!

    Sweet post. Not only does it take us on a brighter note, it likewise instills we are already bright within… only when we choose to. We all need to remember this in our hearts. xo

    • ahh nice to be back, I thought I was going to stop after 365 but then I wandered around the house lost. It is a bit like that movie the way have you seen it?

      • I saw that trailer and completely forgot about it after. It seems such a very good one!! I will watch it… so intrigued now lol!
        But I know what you mean. I get lost more often than finding myself haha… you need not do a 365 pledge again. Come visit when you miss writing, or us. 😉

  2. Gabs!!! I just finished watching it! OMG!!! Why I waited so long? No… I’m not going to ask; I don’t need an answer… it’s like you know… only you don’t know… and gah!!! Friggin movie crunched my heart! I feel so small now lol!

    I have Paulo Coehlo’s book, The Pilgrimage. Have it since forever and I couldn’t finish it each time I try. Something was amiss and I believe I was stuck in my own denial of simply everything!
    It is time to open its pages again… I think now I’m ready continuing surrendering… =)

    Thank you immensely!!! I swear the folks I have met here are my true teachers. You are awesome! xo

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