Sanskrit for being Good

Maybe the  thought has crossed your mind that this year things are going to be ‘better’, that you will make some changes in your life or let go of some old views that might be holding you back? Maybe you just want to be a better person but you are not sure where to start? Maybe you want to take your yoga practice to a new level where life on and off the mat become one? If this is the case you might like to hold these three words close to your heart and start your practice from there. With these three words you can be the change you want to be and see in this one sweet life.

Samskara: These are our conditioned and habitual reactive patterns. You will know what they are when someone pushes one of those buttons that short circuits you to react in a certain way. To live a better life we have to learn to see ourselves when we react conditionally. Do you run away and hide when things get tough? Do you get angry or overly emotional. Start noting your samskara, this is an excellent start to making changes in your behaviour.

Sankalpa: How we live our life is determined by the intentions we set. Sankalpa is our intention for life, for action, for each deed and thought and word that passes our lips. What is your intention behind your words and actions? How can you use the practice of setting intentions each day or several times a day to be the type of person you want to be? Ask yourself the question, what is my intentions behind the way I am acting or talking or thinking?

Ahimsa: Without harm. Everything that we do and say and think has an outward and inward reaction. If you are to live your life well and bathed in kindness towards yourself and others you need to remember to practice ahimsa. Ahimsa can be your guiding light when you are not sure. Simply ask the question what is the kindest thing to do or say or think towards myself and others right now?

Mindful practice for today: Setting intentions, being kind and noticing how we react are the Congo line of behaviours to set you firmly on the path to the best version of yourself. Today keep these words handy so you can live beautifully each gracious moment you are given.

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