The Way I See It

rumi 3We are gifted with vision so we can see the world clearly. How we choose to see our world is decided by which lens we wear at any given moment. We can choose to see what is positive in an experience, what is a gift or we can view an event as if we were hapless victims in life. Life rocketing our way bringing wounds and suffering while we stand helplessly in the sidelines receiving.

The thing with life is this; It is messy, it is painful, it is wounding, it is complicated or as the cheery Buddhists would say ‘ life is suffering’. If we are to release ourselves from our added suffering, or to bring some more power back into our lives, we need to ask ourselves some questions.

What does this situation illuminate?

How can this situation be benevolent?

If I was living in a loving universe that was trying to show me something, what is it showing me now?

How is the situation I find myself in now a gift?

Our job then, when we collide with situations that are unpleasant is to turn to the powerful side of ourselves. This is the gift we are given, to take our shadows and make them bright. To see the gift in the darker moments, to move from being helpless to courageous. To change the lens in which we view the world.

Look for the gift in everything today, both the good and the bad This is life happening for you not to you.

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