Namaste Bro

The loose translation of Namaste is the light in me recognises the light in you which in essence means that we are all connected through energy, source, spirit or whatever you define is a greater being than our self (small s). The ultimate goal of yoga is to connect you to yourself and to all life around you. We can connect to ourselves through our body by doing physical postures or breathing exercises, we can connect to our thoughts by being present or meditating, we can connect to our family, friends, neighbours and strangers through giving, compassion, understanding and listening. There are so many ways we can connect to this one sweet life, however, we often don’t or we forget.

Here is a small example of how we can disconnect from our power. Supermarket rage. The man behind us became increasingly angry as he realised we were over the 10 item or less count in the fast lane. He started with his concern which turned to anger and then disgust. ‘People like you make me very very angry’ he quipped. And boy was he mad. We all have these instances when we disconnect from our source, our balance, our connection with the world. We do it when we are angry, anxious, worried, dismissive, rude, unthoughtful, not present. We do it when we want to retain control. Maybe we do it to a stranger, at the checkout or petrol station or the postman. We definitely do it in our cars.

Some of the most atrocious acts of cruelty to man and nature are when we disconnect. We are thinking only of ourselves, our anger, our dis-ease and this justifies us to lash out, maim, take more than we need or disregard the environment. We disconnect every time we litter or speak a harsh word. We disconnect whenever we think unkind thoughts about ourselves or those around us. We just forget the light in ourselves and those around us.

So here is the question. If the man in the supermarket was more connected to me would he have acted like he did? I think no. He would have known why I was in a hurry and why that day wasn’t a good day for a lashing out.

At any moment we have no idea what people are going through, when they push in or are late or sad or rude. If we want to really practice yoga without judgement we need to look beyond the external behaviour and remember that we are all connected in some way. We also need to remember that their behaviour can also be ours.If want to save the world, make a difference, bring peace then we need to start by remembering this connection.

Practice for today: In what ways are you connected to everyone and everything around you? Today remember that there is a very fine line between you, your actions and all sentient beings. Practice remembering this sweetness in your life especially when you feel tested.


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