Have a Little Faith in Me

Sometimes it’s easy to lose faith, lose sight of our vision or goals, become despondent throwing our hands in the air with an ‘I give up’. Giving up is easy, keeping faith is a more difficult practice.

Faith is the belief that the universe has a grand plan and you are included in it. It assumes a greater intelligence than what we can muster with our blinkered short term vision. Faith states that ‘what is happening now is exactly what should be happening’ and these happenings are not to you but for you.

The opposite of faith is despair. We feel despair when we  feel lost or that things are not going according to life’s checklist. Despair happens when we lose control of circumstances. Despair comes when life changes for us unannounced. We lose trust  when we suffer a loss, maybe of a baby, a job, our health or our vision. Sometimes we can despair when we  are trying really hard but we are not getting what we want. Maybe we are working long hours and the promotion was given to someone else, maybe we are studying hard but fail the test, maybe we are trying to please someone and they still don’t love us.

If we want to step more into faith and less into the shadow of despair we need to do a few things. Align ourselves with our life purpose, accept that there will always be knock-backs and be patient. These three qualities, alignment, acceptance and patience are the stepping stones for restoring faith. If we are already on the right path but have taken a wee detour we need to believe that the knock backs are just gentle nudges to put us back on the rails. We also need the patience and wisdom to accept that where we are going is the right way, for us, right now. We need to understand that our perceived ‘failures’ are driving us to look deeper or take a different way.

“I dreamt — marvellous error! — that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures.” Antonio Machado

Practice for the week: Turn your despair or sense of failure around. Life is a tabestry of change and what is happening for you right now is exactly where you are meant to be.


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