Sweet Life

The Buddhist practice of meditating on your death may seem rather grim but it also has a sweet side to it. Firstly it can make you see the impermanence of life, that everything passes and changes and therefore reminding you not to hang on to things too dearly. This practice can also serve as a reminder of what is important and true in this life you lead.

Sitting with someone who is dying may also invoke the essence of what matters. Just drinking sweet tea or watching the clouds pass in the company of the ill puts your life in a bubble. When we are in this time the unimportant fades, our desires our petty wants or dislikes become irrelevant.

With only days/hours weeks to live what would really matter to you? What is important? How do you want to show up in this world? What are your values? What are your aspirations and goals and dreams? What and who do you hold close to your heart? How can you learn to love well and live more fully?

Maybe we might discover what doesn’t matter. The mismatched sheets and the undone housework. The yoga class that didn’t really work for you. The email that annoyed you or the comment from your partner or the argument over who was right. The missing out on a job or the realisation you haven’t lost that last 3 pounds.

Out beyond ideas

of wrongdoing and rightdoing, 

there is a field,

I’ll meet you there.


Practice for this week. Contemplate for some time what is really important to you. How can you lead your life more in this direction by embracing what is truly important to you?

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