Just Trust

When I first started teaching yoga I didn’t quite trust myself. I felt like a fraud and compensated for this by studying popular teachers. I became so good at it that I could easily imitate any teacher and their style. My own teacher called me a ‘chameleon’.I felt to be a good teacher I had to be like the ones that were already good, rather than be myself.

Trust implies a belief in ourself. We know what is best for us, we understand who we are and we firmly learn to listen to and follow our own intuition.

However we often lose faith in ourselves if our choices or others have let us down. Sometimes we voice our ‘after the fact knowing’ with words such as. ‘I knew it all along or I never wanted to/ liked it anyway.’ Maybe through a series of wrong choices we have lost our internal power and only place our faith in the opinions of  others. We learn to stop listening to what we know is instinctively true.

vajrapradama-mudraThrough the practice of yoga we learn to build this relationship with ourself again. While practicing we have the wisdom to know what it is our body should be doing by adjusting the pose to suit where we are today. Through more practice we learn to communicate so deeply with ourself that we no longer need to ask others what the answers are. We become more tuned in to our intuitive side and know what is right for us. We start to believe that where we are right now is exactly where we are meant to be. We stop doubting ourselves. We wake up and learn to listen and trust ourselves again.

The universe has a great plan for us all. Sometimes the best call to action is to trust. Trust that you are on the right path even when things don’t seem to be going the right way and to believe that there is a greater more powerful guiding force.

Practice for this week: If you feel unsure or doubt yourself take some time out to start listening more intently to what is being communicated to you. Learn to listen and believe more in yourself and your choices. In Buddhism, the thunderbolt represents the ultimate weapon against doubt. Vajrapradama Mudra symbolizes unshakable confidence, and practicing it can remind you of both your personal power and your faith in something greater. Practice this mudra in Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose) to let go of self-doubt, mistrust of others, or hopelessness in the face of obstacles.


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