Filling your days wisely

When we first start yoga it might feel like some things are a ‘waste of time’. Savasana may feel like you could be doing something better, revisiting a pose over and over when you have done it a million times could seem like a drag, moving slowly when you are in a hurry, sitting for meditation when you have a million thoughts you would rather not hear…the list goes on.

In this culture we equate success with busyness. Filling up our days with tasks or moving quickly from one thing to the next might seem like we have purpose. When people ask me if I have been busy I usually have to stop and think before I say no. Yoga has slowed my life down to what is important. Moving my body, breathing, relating as well as I can to others, contemplating and taking time for creativity. We always have enough time for what is important in our life, we sometimes just forget what that is in the rush and tumble to fill up every gap in our day.

Here is how I now define a waste of this life.

Worrying all night about something I said to someone and wondering how I can go back and repair that or make amends or if I have offended that person or if they every will talk to me again.

Carrying like a bag of rocks some pathology or ingrained behavior pattern over and over again even when I know it doesn’t make my life easy, even when I know that it is destructive to either myself or my family.

Wishing I was better, brighter, smarter or could do arm balances.

Hoping that everyone is going to like me.

Feeling guilty about saying no, or not completing something.

Having a fabulous rush of creativity, impulse or idea and then not acting on it.

Letting fear push me away from my intentions, hopes, desires or goals.

Creating expectations of myself that I cannot possibly meet, trying to be perfect or trying to please.

How you spend your days and how busy you are and what you ‘achieve’ to the outside world is not always a measure of your success. Having a full diary and ‘to do lists’ are not always going to connect you to your true self.

Jack Kornfield in his book says;

“In the end, just three things matter:

How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go”

Practice for this week; Where do you waste your time with internal battles of self doubt, guilt and stagnation? How can you make every second of you life more beautiful by turning your thoughts to the sun and lighting up every minute of your day?

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