Align and Refine

In asana practice great awareness is placed on alignment of the body. We want to make sure that the bones are stacked to create a better weight bearing surface to hold out body in particular shapes. We want to keep our joints safe and move with grace. When the body is aligned our practice becomes more in order.

The act of aligning our body can also be an act of aligning our mind and our breath. By paying attention to how we place our body, our mind and our breath in our practice we can make all parts of ourselves congruous with our mission, to have a practice which is safe and transforming. A practice which neither pushes too much or runs away from sensation. A practice that is fully grounded and aligned with our intention. Through conscientious alignment and practice we progress ourselves.

In our life if we want to progress we must also seek our good alignment. We do this by listening for our higher purpose in life. Once we find this we align ourselves with it, study, work, practice and wait. When we work in a safe and steady way towards our goals they will eventually come to us. The opposite of this is pushing until we get what we want or it’s friend, running away from the things we want in life because we doubt ourselves or we lack conviction, courage and maybe patience.

BKS Iyengar says ‘you can’t catch a horse by running after it. You must wait patiently with an apple in your hand and it will come to you’.

Practice for this week: What is your higher purpose in this one sweet life? What are you running towards or away from? To progress, align yourself with your higher purpose, set your intention and goals and work quietly towards it. Be patient and step back from the outcome. Like the horse it will come to you when you are ready and open.

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