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eka pada

When I was seven my Grandfather read my palm and said that I had the mark of a teacher on it. For over 15 years I  taught non-native English students from all around the world to speak English.  Teaching has always been part of my life in some form.

During this time I dabbled in yoga like a tourist. Never finding what suited my personality or a teacher that really grabbed my attention. Ever the teacher, I decided what the world needs now is for me to teach yoga and so I launched myself into a teacher training course without really thinking it through. In the first class I asked a question right in the middle of the class. That was the beginning of my ever enquiring thirst for all things yoga.

I think I needed yoga more than it needed me. It felt right on my body to finally connect with a science that encourages gentleness, listening and patience. I became fascinated that there was a whole system that trained the mind and body. Through yoga I learnt not to be so competitive and to enjoy the gift of what I had right here, right now. Yoga made me very present to life. I have become more patient, less judgemental of myself and others and more loving and appreciative of life itself.

I have trained with many wonderful teachers both here and overseas but through a consistent home practice I keep coming back to myself as my own best guide and teacher. I am an avid student and teacher of yoga philosophy which is a set of guidelines to help your live and love your life to the fullest. I enjoy all styles of yoga but in particular I love vinyasa flow and yin.

My philosophy to teaching is this; yoga is the vehicle to help you learn more about who you are. It helps strengthen and heal your body but more importantly it nudges you to wake up to what is important in your life and to gently let go of some of our repetitive thoughts and behaviour patterns that we no longer need. The practice of yoga is the practice of peeling back the layers of your life to reveal your true self.

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20 Comments on “About Me/Contact

  1. Loving the new website. I’m looking forward to reading more useful tips over the coming weeks and have my fingers crossed for some more workshops on “taming daily stress”. Last but not least a very very big thank you for introducing me to Yoga. Your teaching style has made me feel very comfortable about my very beginners level and I am looking forward to increasing my confidence and flexibility over the coming months.


    • Hey Jann you are the best! Thanks for the thumbs up on giving daily stress ideas. Once I get my computer back it’s all on. Light and love

  2. Thank you for being out there with such
    Encouraging words. I believe we are all
    given the information we need when we
    are ready to accept it. I will be following
    you now on this journey we share. Yoga
    has a brilliant way of bringing people
    together 😉

    • thank you for stopping by and leaving a beautiful message. Yes yoga does bring people together in unexpected ways, ….it’s also brought me together. Best to you!

  3. Perfect description: “It’s a tidal wave…” – and the flow and rush of the waves makes yoga and writing the perfect combo. Namaste! =)

  4. Love your blog…there is something calming about it and I immediately felt comfortable seeing you say that you weren’t good at other sports before you found Yoga. I am the same and found Yoga a few years ago. Granted I am no teacher and a home practitioner as I have no yoga studio here (I live in Germany and the next yoga studios that are staffed with quality teachers are hours away) I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

    • Hi Danielle glad to make contact with you. I know the feeling of being isolated but in love with yoga. That’s me. I do teach but then I spend the rest of my day on my own just exploring my practice. I have spent quite a few hours on my yoga online and really enjoyed some of the teachers there. I like Nico Luce and alot of them. It really helps me to learn more from the outside in. We all need teachers right? Keep practicing my friend. Best and brightest to you

  5. Delighted to have started reading your wonderful blog. I came to yoga aged 44 and three years later, I still practice. I can honestly say its the only thing I have ever enjoyed 100% and the only thing I have ever done consistently! I blog too but I am not as consistent as I would like to be. I am gaining inspiration from you in more ways than one! Namaste. X

    • wonderful wonderful! Looks like we have a lot in common. Isn’t it great when you find something that you love. Power to the practice my friend

  6. I am sixty-six years of age and a beginner at yoga, but already it has greatly influenced my life. I love the peace and calm that yoga brings. I will be back often to read your posts.


    • How wonderful to find something that brings you back to your true self. Please keep in touch on your journey, glad to have you on board

    • that is the sweetest (but scariest) suggestion for me. Funny you should mention it just now though because I started thinking this last week, isn’t the universe playful! I have no idea how you would even go about it so might do some research. What a lovely comment, best to you my friend

  7. Your posts are so full of wisdom. Your references to eastern philosophy and great beings is amazing. What made you look at this way of life, I wonder.


    • Hi Param thank you for your kind words, you know I am not sure where it all comes from what a great question! You have me thinking now.
      Best to you today friend

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