half moon yoga


348: Karma Farmer

I am jealous of my neighbor’s garden. Everything is in rows and prolific. I sometimes take a few tips from him, this type of seaweed makes a good fertilizer, wild peas or cocoa husks from the chocolate factory make good…

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Which Yoga For You?

Are you more suited to dynamic asana like Ashtanga or maybe the prolonged static asana of Yin? Here is an introduction to some of today‚Äôs popular yoga styles. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old tradition that is now recognised for its power…

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Happy Baby!

My favourite class look at them 20 happy babies

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Hot Yoga Gets the Sweat Flowing

From Kapi Mana Here’s a wee article and photo Several days after my first hot yoga class, I’m still hearing all about it from my body – and more unexpectedly, I still feel refreshed from it. The good aches remind…

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