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Community classes

paremata boating clubParemata Boating Club 

Please note that the PBC community classes do not run on public holidays or school holidays. Classes at PBC are $15 casual or a  10 trip is $100. Parking is available at the kindergarten down the road.If you would like to pay for a ten trip by Internet banking please use the acct below with your name as a reference;

Account Number: 12-3254-0037966-00

Saturday: 8:30 am- 9:30 am Gentle Flow. Relax, breathe and go with the flow. Suitable for all levels including beginners, pregnancy or those wishing to do a slower deeper class. Also good for those who are very tight or want to increase flexibility.Simple poses to create harmony in the body and mind and help you feel refreshed and stretched.

Monday: 6:30 pm-7:30 pm  Vinyasa Flow This class uses the flow of sun salutations, standing poses, strength and balancing to tone and strengthen the body and also fine tune the mind. There is also some deep stretching and relaxation. Suited to those who already practice yoga or people who have some fitness. Great for sports people, especially runners.

Thursday: 10:00am-11:00am Restore. Pause restore classes are specifically designed to open and stretch the whole body. This class suits those new to yoga, pregnant woman or those wishing to indulge in longer deeper stretches. This class will restore, repair and rebalance you while toning and conditioning the body and calming the mind. 10 Trip card $150. the studio has mats for you to use. Payments are made to Pause studio directly.

Pause Yoga Studio Eastbourne Days Bay ( click on title for FB page)

Pause is a new studio in Eastbourne. The space is beautiful with views out to the sea through the trees. A great place to unwind.

pause yoga


Beginner’s course starting 5th of June. This 6 week course will align you with the fundamentals of power yoga. Really get to know your body, stretch, grow and come alive.

Class Descriptions

Power Vinyasa: Vinyasa is a practice that links breath to movement making the practice a meditation in motion. This dynamic practice gets the heart rate up and builds strength and endurance. We do a number of standing poses at the beginning of class plus some balance poses. We finish the class with longer stretches and then a relaxation at the end. If you enjoy a work out with your yoga then this is the class for you.

Gentle Flow: A combination of flowing yoga postures, standing and strength followed by longer held postures at the end of the class. Suitable for all levels. Builds strength but also works at stretching and opening body. If you have never tried yoga before or would like to de-stress this is the class for you.

Pregnancy: Please come to the gentle flow class if you haven’t practiced yoga before. I can give you individual assistance and ways to modify poses.

Vinyasa Flow: A series of postures where you are moving throughout the whole class, suitable for all levels and those who enjoy movement and flow. Gentler than the Power Yoga but great for creating flexibility and improving fitness.

Beginner Course: We will practice the standing poses for strength and then work at flexibility with twists and forward bends. Some mild inversions will be added. Each week there will be a different focus. The classes are great for those wanting to learn more about yoga or who have never tried yoga. Feel free to ask questions in this workshop style course. Each class will end in a relaxation.

Yin Yoga Yin yoga is slow gentle stretching. It’s a style of yoga that is very effective in increasing mobility and flexibility of the body’s connective tissues and joints. This helps to improve posture and reduce recovery time from exercising. yin – seated poses held for longer periods of time. Yin helps to settle the body and the mind, it’s highly likely you will feel very relaxed and at ease after a yin class!


6 Comments on “Teaching schedule

  1. I look forward to Gabrielle’s class on Monday nights. I find the class quite challenging but always leave feeling invigorated and relaxed.

    • Hey Ian that’s why you look forty you keep challenging yourself, btw, you don’t look too challenged when you do it!

  2. I began going to Gabrielles Monday evening classes last November and I have to be honest, I hated it, it was much faster than yoga classes I had previously attended, I was all over the place. However, my friend was loving, and I also was really drawn to Gabrielle’s teaching style, and her thoughts she shares with us throughout the class, so I persevered. I am so glad I did, I got use to the faster style, I found myself getting stronger, and being able to engage in poses I earlier stuggled with- I am now loving it, and definatly look forward to Monday’s class, I also continue to enjoy Gabrielles teaching style. Thanks Gabrielle – keep up the great work – Arohanui

    • Kate what a pleasure to have you and Robyn in your ‘places’ each week, and watching you grow and enjoy your practice, keep it up!

  3. Wonderful wonderful wonderful, yay I finally made it along and loved being back yoga-ing, thank you Gabrielle, it was awesome!

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