Yoga Gear

So you want to do yoga and look the part?

Here is my go to people for all things yoga.

The Mat

In New Zealand try Eco Yoga store. The stock a range of mats which I particularly love called Manduka. I have the black pro. It’s comfortable for hard boney people but not too squishy so you lose your balance. They also have a range or bolsters which are great for more supported poses and while you are there grab yourself a strap and a block. They also have great friendly service. My Manduka mat still looks like new after around 5 years as opposed to how I look.

Eco Yoga Store

I also own a Jade yoga mat. You can buy them through EMP in Australia or better still get one posted to you next time you are over the ditch. I own the Jade Harmony and it is great for hot yoga as the grip is fantastic. Also it is lighter than my Manduka so good for travelling. They have a heavier version which I like but it is quite hard to balance on until you get used to it. If you want to look cool go for the thinner one otherwise you will be wobbling around like a drunk.


The Clothes.

I have to put in a plug for the New Lulu Lemon Athletica in Wellington, Lambton Quay as my daughter Isabella works there and they let me teach there. If you want a Christmas present or birthday ask for a  voucher, they also have lots of other things to tempt you, but remember that yoga is about being happy with what you already have, but you can be that after you get what you want.

LuLu Lemon Athletica

Courage my love is a top end maker of gorgeous leggings based in Christchurch. It’s always good to support and buy local so if you would like something really special to take you from the mat to the office and then out partying all night then head here.

Courage My Love

Something for your butt

If you want to sit around and contemplate the world you might like one of these funky cushions. One is coming for my birthday so I’ll report back. Made in Dunedin. Yahh!

Yoga Store

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